Found in Wonderland

Not All Who Wonder Are Lost.


With dreams in your pockets

And smiles on your face

This world is somehow

A better place


Fairy tales and fantasies don’t exist, they say
What do you mean they don’t exist?
Did you never sit by the ocean under the moon lit sky?
Sip a cup of hot coffee, reading a book on a cold winter night?
Dance your heart out in the rain?
Hold your lovers hand while in pain?
Watch a rainbow rise in the sky?
Go after fluttering butterflies?
Take long hikes into the wilderness?
Rejoice your mother’s loving caress?
Yes, I talk to genies
And braid the hair of mermaids
Ride unicorns
And travel on angel wings
Because when I was young,
They taught me about the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus
But just as I started believing in the magic,
They told me that my thought process was flawed
How is that? I say
Don’t you see the miracle on its way?
I was taught to believe, and now I do
So do not present to me this oxymoron you fool
I am a dreamer, a believer, an artist in disguise
No longer in need of your unsolicited advice
See through my eyes, and you too shall celebrate
This miracle called life, and its wondrous fate!