About Me.

I strongly reverberate with one of my favorite author, Roald Dhal’s words “Those who don’t believe in magic, will never find it.” I have always wondered with grave wonder the wonder that my wondrous life holds. I almost believe myself to be ‘other worldly’ perhaps from another universe altogether; for who I am, how I perceive this world and what I desire from life – my whims and fancies – do not match the conventions and norms that have been handed down to me. And I don’t feel the need to adhere to them either. I believe in magic, and it is the tune to which I sway. Everything I choose in life resounds with this feeling of joy and wonderment. Since I see the world in a peculiar way, I bring that sense of marvel to everything I do. Found in Wonderland is an endeavor to share my enchanting travel stories, the magic of the consciousness work I do, and anything else with a bewitching touch to it. A self-proclaimed avatar of Alice in Wonderland, I invite you to be magic with me. Welcome to my world! .